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E-Link is installed in many  restaurants

in Lebanon, Romania and other countries.


One of the famous restaurants
in Lebanon tha uses the system is Chez
Sami in Jounieh - Maameltein.

E-link is an electronic system designed for the hospitality industry, assuring a better control at all levels of activity. The versatility of the system guarantees succesful application and dependable performance for all food and drink serving facilities by providing management full and easy control of the business. Based on a secured wireless technology, it assures speed, control and good service for the client by presenting to the facility Manager detailed real-time view of all the activities.


Further, using a dedicated application called Web-Watch, it is capable of showing to the non-managing owner or traveling manager, an ON-LINE status of the entire restaurant's activity through the Internet.


The use of E-link contributes much towards the succesful running and management of restaurants by providing a back up of all the information needed by managers to insure appropiate supervision and coherence of all the activities. It provides speed, overall control, better service and table management and consequently customer satisfaction.